Here we collect pre-verified evidence of events under investigation of the War Crimes Archives, which collect material evidence and testimonies of witnesses.

Therefore, we ask you to report war crimes via the application form in the “Archive” tab or via a Facebook profile called WarCrimesArchive.
After initial verification of the accuracy of the information provided, we will analyze it and collect further evidence for use in future legal actions.


Rocket strike

Seven people were killed and 11 were injured in a rocket attack on warehouses…

Destruction of the historic church

The Russian troops moving through the village deliberately shot at the historic orthodox church, which dated back to the 19th century.

Merefa shelling

At 3.30 am, the school and community center in Merefa were destroyed as a result of Russian shelling, as well as the surrounding houses…

A priest killed by the Russian military

Priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Fr. Rostislav Dudarenko was killed at a barricade intended to obstruct the passage of Russian troops in his native village of Yasnogorodka…

Air strikes on the city

As a result of the Russian air strikes on the city, it is estimated that as many as 100 people may have been under the rubble….

Russians shot Ukrainian civilians

Russian troops entered Bucza on February 27, but there were constant fights with Ukrainian defenders in the region…