The world froze when Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory. The conflict that has been ongoing since 2014 has entered a completely new stage, not seen in Europe since World War II. A full-scale aggressive war violates international conventions prohibiting the use of war as a means of negotiating political disputes between states.

Civilians also suffer in every war. Unfortunately, in the case of the invasion of the Russian Federation and the Belarusian Republic that supports it, we are dealing with a clear violation of peremptory norms of international law. The attacking troops are committing war crimes by bombing civilian facilities, including residential buildings.

The invasion initiated by the government of Vladimir Putin is also a violation of the peremptory prohibition of aggressive war and resorting to war in relations between states. These principles were confirmed as early as 1929 in the Briand-Kellogg Pact, which later served as the basis for the sentencing of Nazi civil and military commanders of the Third German Reich by the Nuremberg Tribunal. These principles have been strengthened by the United Nations Charter, which affirms the prohibition of aggressive war. The half-century development of international law in this area may be thwarted if the world today does not clearly and categorically respond to the violations on the part of Russia.

We call on the international community, led by the UN Secretary General, to initiate an investigation to bring those responsible for war crimes to international accountability. Much evidence of these crimes is available on the Internet. Our goal is to verify these materials and collect them in the War Crimes Archives, which will be used during the future trial of Russian and Belarusian dignitaries and military.

Therefore, we ask you to report war crimes via the application form in the “Archive” tab or via a Facebook profile called WarCrimesArchive.

After initial verification of the accuracy of the information provided, we will analyze it and collect further evidence for use in future legal actions.


Support the petition to take legal steps to bring those responsible for the crimes to international accountability.


Support the collection of pre-verified evidence of crimes of the Russian and Belarusian troops under investigation by the War Crimes Archives, which collects material evidence and testimonies of witnesses.